What is the Best Time of Year for Keukenhof Garden Tour

Do you like to have a walk between blossoming flowers?

Keukenhof gardens are the best place you can visit if you are a real admirer for flowers and nature. It is also known as the “garden of Europe”.

Situated in Lisse town (Netherlands) the garden spreads over 32 hectares and nearly 7 million flower bulbs are planted every year.

What Can You Find Here?

You will have a breath-taking view of the garden from the 15 km hiking trail. You can also notice lovely ponds, unique flower shows (weekly) and many restaurants that serve good food on your way. Don’t miss the chance to click a lot of photos and selfies along with the flowers in the background.

The park is also the largest flower statue of the Netherlands. You can see that different international and national artists have made many lovely statues which are admired by everyone.

Best Time to Visit the Garden:

They often organize Keukenhof garden tours to the tourists. As the flowers are planted in different layers all around the garden the flowers keep blooming all long the year. The garden is divided into three different parts and all three are planned and planted with different times of flower bulbs. They bloom at different times of the year.

Part 1: The park will be filled with a lot of flowers from the opening, indoor tulips and the outer part has lovely daffodils and crocuses.

Part 2: The indoor flower show is amazing, now the hyacinths and early tulips will bloom in the outdoor garden after the crocuses and daffodils.

Part 3: The last and final division had blooming tulips in the outdoor garden. The green trees all around and amazing flower shows make this place a feast for your eyes.

Keukenhof Garden Tour:

Keukenhof tulip gardens are a must to visit places in holland. The garden is open from March 21 to May 10th of this year. The bulbs are planted in autumn so that they blossom and turn the place colorful in spring. The garden has 800 different variants of tulips which make the place colorful and your experience unforgettable.

The Theme of 2020:

This is the 71st time the garden is open with its blossoming flowers. Every year they have different themes. 

The theme for 2020 is named “world of colors” …the themes may change every year but every theme has its own beauty and every theme is spectacular.

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