Three national borders converge at the 3-country point: the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. You can enjoy the preserved nature and many recreational opportunities. The three-country point is close to the top of the Vaalserberg. This is the highest point in the Netherlands. Nearby are two watchtowers; on the Dutch side the Wilhelminatoren and on the Belgian side the King Baudouin tower. Discover the largest and most exciting labyrinth in the Netherlands and much more!


In this part of Limburg you can not ignore the rich history of the marlstone. Especially in Valkenburg the marlstone is part of the city. The castle ruins, the old train station and almost every old building is built of this stone.
Be sure to visit the “Fluweelen grot” (Velvet Cave). This marl was created by the construction of Valkenburg Castle and other buildings in Valkenburg. In total, the Velvet Cave consists of approximately five kilometers of corridors and tunnels. Also make the climb to the castle ruins and enjoy the expansive view.

In addition to these sights Valkenburg also has Amusement park “De Valkenier”, a fairytale forest and a cable car, that takes you to a height of 90 meters.


Besides Valkenburg, Maastricht is also full of sights and there is plenty to do for people who love shopping. The wide shopping streets are interspersed with narrow alleys, where surprising sights can also be found. And relax on a terrace at the Vrijthof, the square that has become world-famous through the concerts of André Rieu.


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