We start the Kinderdijk tour with a visit to the old-Dutch city of Gouda. This city is known for some of the most authentic and best-known products from the Dutch culture; cheese, syrup waffles (stroopwafels) and candles. We visit the Gouda cheese house and the beautiful old city center.

After this, the tour continues to the Kinderdijk windmills. The Kinderdijk windmills have been guarding the water for centuries and have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.Experience an exciting mill adventure full of spinning blades, the creaking of wooden machines and real millers who keep our feet dry!

We continue the tour to Delft, the city of the world-famous “Delft blue”, besides the authentic city center, Delft offers also other beautiful sights such as the Nieuwe Kerk. With 108.75 meters, the tower is the second highest church tower in the Netherlands. The church is also known for the Grave Tomb of William of Orange. The burial tomb of Oranje-Nassau, the burial chamber of the Royal House, is located under the tomb. On Thursday there is a lively market on the square in front of the church.

We finish the tour off in The Hague where we visit Madurodam. Here you see the Netherlands in a nutshell through the miniature replicas of famous Dutch buildings.

We pass the Peace Palace and you can walk through the residential city. Here you can view the Binnenhof with the Ridderzaal. Within walking distance is Paleis Noordeinde, the working palace of the king.


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  • Each tour must be booked up to 15 hours before departure of the tour;
  • Tour can be booked on Thursday and Saturday;
    Thursday: From from 2 April to 27 August (except on 21 May due to Ascension Day);
    Saturday: From 2 May to 29 August;
  • Entrance tickets are not included in the tour;
  • We offer the possibility to book a tour guide in various languages (not included in the price). You can indicate your preference on the booking form, we will contact you about the extra costs;
  • Departure time of your choice. We advise you to depart as early as possible so that you can fully enjoy your tour.
  • If you do not want to go to Madurodam, you can, in consultation with the driver, choose another destination in the area.


  • Comfort car 1-4 persons: € 400,00
  • Comfort van 5-8 persons: € 550,00


  • Please make sure that you are ready on time when the driver picks you up. Your tour starts when the driver is in front of your accommodation at the reserved time.


  • Duration of the tour: aprox. 10 hours.

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