Düsseldorf is a city for lovers of history, modern architecture, shopping and activities. There is something fun for everyone to do. In the Medienhafen, the converted harbor area of ​​the city, there are a number of very interesting buildings with different shapes. In addition, in the historic center of ‘Kaiserwerth’ lies the Ruin of Kaiserpfalz. This was once the most important castle in Düsseldorf. There are also many churches to visit in the “Altstadt” of Düsseldorf. One of these churches is the Lambertuskirche, which they think is the oldest building in the city.

The nicest and most expensive shopping area of ​​the city is located around the boulevard. This part of the city is called the Köningsallee. Here are a number of well-known fashion houses and other luxury stores.

The literal highlight of Düsseldorf is the Rhine Tower. The tower, with a height of 240 meters, forms an orientation point in the city skyline. A lift to the observation deck at a height of 168 meters. From this platform you have a breathtaking view of the city and its surroundings.


Cologne has a lot of sights and interesting attractions. The world famous cathedral, whose twin spires dominate the skyline, is regularly voted the country’s single most popular tourist attraction. The city has a large diversity of museums, but also has a lot of activities for fans of chocolate and  Roman history, such as the Rathaus and  Groß St. Martin.

Probably everyone knows the old cologne with the figures 4711. This odor water was born in Cologne at the Glockengasse 4711 in the Farina-Haus. Nowadays there is a perfumery and museum in this building.

The people who live in cologne are known for their liberalism and joie de vivre; and it’s easy to have a good time right along with them year-round in the beer halls of the Altstadt (old town) or in the various parks along the banks of the Rhine. You can also enjoy a boattrip on the Rhine, if you like to see a different side of the city.

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