7 Places to Visit While Spending 3 Days in Amsterdam

Did you ever wonder why most of the people choose Amsterdam for a lovely vacation? the city has something for everyone.
Every tourist visits it to experience the charm and rich heritage. With 165 canals spread across 100 km, Amsterdam is also referred to as “the Venice of the north”.
Drugs and prostitution being legal to have been an attraction to some tourists too.

There are many places to visit in Amsterdam but if you are visiting Amsterdam for 3 days, below are the 7 places which are a must to visit.

#1 Vondel Park

Named after the famous Dutch poet “Joost van den Vondel “. The central park of Amsterdam is opened in 1865 and declared a national monument in 1996With many trees/parks/rose bushes and many acres of green grassland the park occupies 120 acres of land. Its the best place to sit relax and feel nature with all your senses.

You can also observe some people riding horses, as it hosts the oldest riding schools in the Netherlands. Take some time out and visit the park on your next visit to Amsterdam for 3 days.

#2 West Church

It’s the centrally located church just next to Anne frank’s house. It is the most famous churches in Amsterdam and has also housed many royal weddings in the past.

This makes it even more worthwhile to visit. The church is identified by more than 80 meters high tower. Thought the climb till the top is a bit tiring, it’s worth it. The view from the top is breathtaking and listening to church bells from the top is a unique experience the place will provide.

#3 Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum

The first place suggested visiting if you are an art lover or a book worm. The museum is built in 1809and is rich in art and many national antiques. All the styles of art like traditional/medieval and modern are displayed with great care and respect. The museum also has a large collection of books and manuscripts (35000).

Van Gogh museum:
The artist extraordinary talent and tragic life make this place the second most visited museum in the city. There are more than 500 lovely drawings.200 paintings and many letters by the van Gogh on display.
Do plan to visit both these in your visit to Amsterdam for 3 days.

#4 Red Light District

One of the most visited by the Amsterdam tourists. There is a bar in every corner of the place. The locally brewed beer is very famous. The red light district has got lovely architectural beauty to admire, but if you are found taking pictures of women behind the windows you may end up being rewarded by an unwanted dip into the nearby canal by a pimp or bouncer.

The identity of the sex workers in protected for their security and you may even end up getting your camera smashed. Instead, you can but some naughty sovereigns and postcards as a take away from the place.

#5 Anne Frank Museum

Every tourist visiting Amsterdam must visit this place. Anne is a Jewish young girl, who lived at the time of world war II.
The diary was written and left by her described are the brutality and hardships her family and community had to face throughout. The museum contains a building where the family hid for many days.

#6 The Royal Palace

Who doesn’t want to feel royal by visiting one of the most popular places in Amsterdam?

The palace located in Dam square is in very tourists’ wishlist. Presently it’s in the hands of state and used to host some of the grand royal parties by the family. The palace remains open to all the tourists for the entire year.

#7 The Canals of Amsterdam and the Port

The city has 165canals stretched over 100 km. It is listed in UNESCO world heritage in 2010. Hiring a boat and chilling is a well-spent afternoon in the canal.

A cruise operates around the harbor and is the best way to experience the beauty of the city from the waters. Peeing in the canal is illegal and offensive. There are urinals and bathrooms all over the place and the main intention is to keep the place clean. Every tourist is warned about this by the guides.

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