Don't Miss this 5 Places in Limburg Netherland Tour

The southernmost province borders two countries. Belgium to the west and Germany towards the east.

The distinctively located province attracts many travelers due to its fairytale and picturesque views.

It has the rare ability to cast the spell of beauty and mesmerize people with a breathtaking view.

The region was ruled by Prussian, Austrians, Spanish, Romans, and French at some point of time and their blending influence on its architecture is amusing.

Limburg tour through historical but at the heart of it, the city is a natural retreat with hilly landscapes and evergreen scenery.

#1 Maastricht

The capital city of Limburg is a treat for history lovers. The prime location has been a reason of conflict throughout history. The vintage town has a modern look and enjoyable atmosphere.

Limburg Tour is all about visiting a fairytale province where the world seems to slow down to admire the beauty of it. Being the oldest in the province, it features several historical places, cathedrals that catch your amusement.

#2 Valkenburg

When at Limburg tour you can’t ignore the fascinating marl caves mined over 2000 years ago, castle ruins and the captivating view that takes you to another world.

The perfect destination to relax and unwind it boasts of spas where you can bathe in 40,000-year-old water and amusement parks with enchanted forests, roller coaster rides, and ghost trains to get the adrenaline rushing.

#3 Limbricht Castle

The castle was built around the 13th century to protect the territory. During the 16th century, the castle was occupied by Napolean’s army.

Over the years the castle is reconstructed completely, but the influence of rulers is evident from its structure.

#4 Nederhoven Castle

The historical monument built around the 17th century was a hunting lodge for Nobel families.

During its years of existence, the castle has managed to preserve fragments of its original interiors and serves as a hotel.

The tourist can experience the royalties to its best form beside the huge lush garden surrounding the castle adds to its glory.

#5 Schloss Hadamar

If it was your childhood dream to walk the Disneyland castle and ancient walk paths now are your chance.

The Hadamar city houses several elegant palaces dated centuries back and museums exhibiting beautiful glass work, paintings and watercolors.

While you are at it catch a glimpse of Nepomuk bridge to get the best clicks for your Instagram.

If you are visiting the city in summers, then you can’t afford to miss Rosengarten. The garden blooms with thousands of roses in every color possible intoxicating the air around with its aroma.

Limburg tour – Getting Around

The hilly countryside is renowned for its hospitality, and the vintage charm makes it impossible not to fall in love with the province.

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