7 Top Rated Day Trips from Amsterdam

Amsterdam trips are all about some exciting city activities and if you are planning for the same, go ahead.

When you are planning to stay for more than a couple of days in Amsterdam, opting for the amazing day trips is all you need to do. These plans are usually provided to you by the tour planners or you can also opt for the customized tours. 

Here, let us know about the 7 top-rated day trips from Amsterdam, which will enrich you for sure.

Traveling to Amsterdam will let you explore the city adventure to the core while the day trips will feed the wanderlust in you. 

Most of these destinations are the houses of historical monuments, which carry a significant role in world heritage. 

The nature of these places will provide you with the purest forms of happiness. 

So, let us know about the places you should not miss while you are planning for your day trips from Amsterdam.

#1 Zaanse Schans Windmills

Dutch heritage and culture will make you mesmerized as you enter the Zaanse Schans. This place houses the historic windmills, which happened to be one of the main sources of lives for the Dutch people since the medieval era. Today, the landscape of the windmills and the wooden clogs are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands.

#2 Giethoorn

 Known as the Venice of the Netherlands, Giethron is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Holland. Once you reach this village, you will feel the serenity of its nature. The water transport system of Giethron is something that you will remember forever. You can get there by bus, boat and private transportation.

#3 Burges

You can easily travel to Belgium and Germany from Holland, and one of the ideal places is Burges. It is a city in Belgium that preserves a distinct European culture. 

It is a home to waffles and beer, which makes it a perfect option for the food admirer in you. When it comes to heritage, the traces of the history of European battlefields will mesmerize you.

#4 Amsterdam Canal Cruise

If you are willing to explore the canal rout in a special way, you can opt for the canal cruise. The route will take you all the way from Amsterdam to the village Giethoorn. Passing the restoring farmhouses and old architectures will enrich you the most if you have a passion for the same.

#5 Keukenhof Gardens

Holland’s flower fields are famous worldwide for their vast range of floras. The Keukenhof Gardens make a perfect choice for your day trips from Amsterdam. Looking at the beautiful gardens will definitely enrich all your senses with loads of colors and warmth.

#6 Rotterdam

This city is only a 35-minute ride on the train from Amsterdam, and if you opt for the comfortable private cars, the journey is more pleasing. It is a city that will remind you of the old cube houses and streets. The Luchtsingel Bridge in this city is famous for its street art, which you should not miss. A glass of beverage at the Witte de Withstraat will complete your day trip.

#7 The Hague

Only 50 kilometers away from the city of Amsterdam is The Hague or Den Hagg. This city boasts a rich cultural heritage from the medieval era architecture. Also, this city is quite close to the sea beach and you can head to it easily if you feel like it.

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