7 Secret Places to Visit in Amsterdam

As one of the most adventurous cities all over the world, Amsterdam makes a perfect travel destination.

While the town offers numerous famous landmarks to its visitors throughout the year, there are hidden gems in every nook and corner of the city.

Hence, if you are planning for your upcoming trip to Holland, here are some secret places to visit in Amsterdam.

#1 Het Schip

In the early 20th century, modernism as a movement left its mark in the architecture of Het Schip. This building near Westerpark was designed by Michiel de Klerk, a member of the Amsterdam School of architecture in 1919. Today, it is a museum showcasing the detailed history, principles, and legacy of the movement.

#2 Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder culture

This hidden catholic church was a symbol of the 16th-century reformation when Catholicism was officially outlawed by the Calvinist Dutch government. As a result, the practitioners had to worship in secret chapels. Unlike many others, this chapel has sustained its originality since then.

#3 Montelbaanstoren

Back in 1516, this tower was a part of the walls of Amsterdam. The maestro of visual art, Rembrandt, highlighted this tower in one of his famous paintings. One can see how the tower has preserved its old glory even today. Hence Montelbaanstoren is one of the most enriching places to visit in Amsterdam.

#4 Blijburg aan Zee Beach

For adventure and fun, there are a vast number of beaches in Amsterdam across its rivers, canals, and lakes. Someone looking to have an excellent experience must head to the Blijburg. It offers clear water, golden sand, and a windsurfing school.

#5 Westergasfabriek

As a renowned cultural hub in the town, Westergasfabriek offers a long list of attractions including eateries, musical events, cinema, and TonTon Club. This architecture was built within a 19th-century gasworks facility park. Hence, it perfectly combines cultural heritage with industrial development.

#6 REM Eiland

If you are looking for an exclusive dining experience, REM Eiland makes a worthy choice.

This waterborne restaurant has a historical lineage about how the structure was built and operated. One can easily reach this waterborne restaurant from a nearby jetty.

#7 Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal Wine Shop

To discover some of the authentic Dutch and jenever liqueurs, this wine tasting room is a must-visit. In this liqueur testing restaurant, you are allowed to taste numerous liquors and take a bottle back home.
However, large groups are banned in the proeflokaal.

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