7 Must Visit Museums in Amsterdam City

Amsterdam is a famous city to the global tourists for its best attractions of nightlife and entertainment. Spreading urban vibes is the first point of attraction when you think of this city. 

There are many pubs, restaurants, cafes, shopping places, and events to fulfill your desire. Yet, this city never disappoints its tourists when it comes to art and culture. 

There are spaces dedicated to art practice, which will introduce you to the country’s hidden gems. Museums in Amsterdam are the main attractions when you think of exploring the city’s art hubs. 

A visit to the museums is a must when you book your Amsterdam city tour. Hence, to help you with it, we are describing the 7 must-visit museums in Amsterdam city. Give it a read and know about the best museums in the city, which will enrich you for sure.

1. Rijksmuseum


This one is all about the Dutch heritage of art. Hence, it reflects the historical journey of Amsterdam from its beginning to modern time. About 8,000 objects are on display, which includes the masterpieces of Rembrandt. Located in the Amsterdam museum square, this museum makes the must-visit. You can book e-tickets and reach one of the museum gates to enter.

2. Anne Frank House 


The writers’ house and a biographical museum showing tribute to Anne Frank speak a lot about her time. During World War II, this house was the escape destination of the diarist and her family for more than two years. You can exhibit some artworks that describe the persecution of the Jews and their oppression.

3. Van Gogh Museum


Another museum dedicated to the masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh needs to be on the checklist. Besides exhibiting the works of Van Gogh, the museum also displays some of the contemporary paintings by the other painters. This museum is located in the museum square, where you will find Rijksmuseum.

4. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Located at the museum square, this one is all about contemporary art and design. Hence, it truly deserves a visit during your Amsterdam city tour. From the early 20th century up to the 21st century, there was a drastic transformation of art. This museum perfectly showcases the modern to contemporary works in its collection.

5. Museum Ons’Lieve Heer Op Solder

It is a canal house located in the city center, which was built in the 17th century. At first glance, you will be amazed to see the works of the Dutch Golden Age. From the narrow corridors to the stairs and the church, everything you explore will be a treasure. Today, it is one of the tangible representations of the frozen past, which you can truly experience with all your senses.

6. Micropia

Dedicated to the microbes, this museum is perhaps the first of its kind. It is located at the Plantage Kerklaan. Apart from being an international platform for microbiology, this museum is open to all visitors, who get mesmerized by looking at the dynamics of cells.

7. Amsterdam Pipe Museum

If you are fascinated with the history of smoking pipes, this one makes an ideal choice for visiting. This museum is dedicated to tobacco, smoking pipes, and related paraphernalia. The collection is vast, ranging from the smoking pipes and utensils that are being used for smoking over the past 25 centuries globally.

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