7 Craziest Places to Visit in Germany in Winter

Are you planning to visit Germany this winter? If yes…!

Your choice is the best; this season will help you witness the country with its eminence.

Snow and lots of scenic views, though the country is filled with such amazements, we are glad to pick the best 7 places to visit in Germany in winter.


What is it famous for? : Germany’s highest mountain peak.
Located in Bavaria (South of Garmisch-Partenkirchen), the mountain stands tall at 2,962 meters above sea level i.e. 9,718 meters.

Every year people come here to enjoy various winter sports like skiing, sliding, cross country skiing and snowboarding.

Some enthusiasts even try Bavarian curling, the ice stock sport. Don’t want to do anything? Perfectly fine…

You can sit and admire the view of the mountain and many small ones surrounding it.

#2 Cologne Christmas Markets

What’s it famous for? : The lovely Christmas market
Visit this place when the sun goes down and the lights glow, to get the best experience out of it.

As the name suggests the place is scattered around the city with seven colorful markets to explore and buy the best stuff.

You will need a minimum of 2 days and comfortable footwear to get the best experience.

The Marketplace near the cathedral has stalls colored bright with many crafts made out of wooden carvings.

Shop, strolling along the river Rhine and visit the cathedral are the must-dos.


What is it famous for? : Most beautiful natural wonders of Bavaria.
The 262-foot waterfall freezes in the winters is a sight you will never want to miss. The place looks spellbound with evening hike lit only by the torches.


What is it famous for? : Bouncing back after a huge collapse during World War II
The city was reconstructed dramatically after getting damaged badly in world war II.

Apart from this the festive Christmas markets and hot wine-fuelled ice skating make it one of the best places to visit in Germany.

When you are there do try your hands on archery and soak yourself in wooden barrel tubs with hot water.


What is it famous for? : Beer…Beer…And Beer!
The city is all known for its beer and beer halls. Go to the museum, wander around, skate along with your near ones at Nymphenburg Palace.

It’s an easy city to walk and enjoy popping into a beer hall for a chilled beer.

#6 Trier

What is it famous for? : Roman ruins
The most rewarding trip for those who love Roman history. The original roman court and an old bridge dated back in the second century are a must-visit.


What is it famous for? : Known as the most romantic city
The scenic spot near the banks of River Neckar in between the two mountains is the best reason to visit the city.

The Late medieval architectures add up to the beauty of the place. Castle ruins will add to the beauty of the city with a rustic look.
After finalizing on the places to visit in Germany,

Choose Your Tour is the best choice to plan your trip…have a fun-filled vacation and thank us later…