6 Best Day Trips From Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a tourist destination for more than one reason, and once you travel to this city, it will never disappoint you when it comes to entertainment and adventure.

 If you are planning to stay in Amsterdam for at least a week, you must take the day trips from Amsterdam to explore beyond the city.

 These day trips can enrich you with the heritage, culture, art, rural life, and many more attractions of the Netherlands. 

Some of these places are so unique in their structure that you will find many kinds of attractions here. So, without further delay, let us know about these places in detail.

#1 Zaanse Shans

Located few kilometers from Amsterdam, Zaanse Shans in Zaandam features historic windmills and wooden clogs that are preserved for centuries. This place resembles the eighteenth-century Dutch villages even today. Apart from the windmills and clogs, you can explore the Zaans Museum that features traditional costumes and other valuable items close to the Dutch tradition. At the workshops, you can learn the art of chocolate making, wooden clog carving, barrel making, and pewter casting.

#2 Giethoorn

Only a 1.5 hours drive from Amsterdam is a land full of beautiful landscapes. This village has canals like the city streets, and therefore, it uses canals like road vehicles. This culture makes Giethoorn one of the unique villages in the world. People also call this village as the Venice of the Netherlands. You can book for canal trips in Giethoorn and travel all day long in this beautiful village. Taking organized tours will help you to reach Giethoorn safely and comfortably.

#3 Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the sister city of Amsterdam, and therefore, it gets shadowed sometimes with the excitement of Amsterdam. Hence, if you are a person looking for day trips from Amsterdam, you need to visit this city at least for a day. Either you can take a 35-minute train ride from Amsterdam or opt for an organized tour provided by the tour planners in Amsterdam. Some of the best attractions of this place are the art wall and Luchtsingel Bridge.

#4 The Hague

Den Haag or The Hague is 50km away and next to the Amsterdam beach. Visiting this Dutch city will let you explore the country’s seat of parliament and some spectacular architecture. You can also explore the Peace Palace, which is one of the country’s best attractions. On a warm summer day, visiting the Zwarte Pad at Scheveningen will lend you an amazing time. If you want to have the ultimate fun in The Hague, stay for the night to attend the most happening beach party.

#5 Alkmaar Cheese Market

Though Alkmaar is just a 30 min ride by train from Amsterdam, you can choose for the organized trips to avail a complete entertainment. As a charming little town, Alkmaar has some of the unique heritage of the country, which makes it one of the popular travel destinations. The most attractive feature of this town is the centuries-old traditional cheese market. On a Friday morning, you can make your plan to travel here, and we ensure you will return with a lot of memories and great taste.

#6 Gouda 

This is another place for relishing some delectable cheese and learning the process of its making. Apart from the cheese market, you can explore the Town Hall, St Jan church, the courtyards, the Gouda houses with special gevelstenen dating back from 1609. These are some places that you will find enriching.

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