5 Coolest Things To Do in Amsterdam City

Amsterdam is a dream holiday destination for many, as there are lots of fun and excitement that revolves around the city. Being one of the best cities in all over Europe, it attracts most of the tourists from all over the year. 

Now, when you are planning for the same, you need to know about the best places in the city for unlimited fun. Here are the five coolest things to do in Amsterdam city. Knowing about these five best adventures will help you to plan your trip accordingly. So, what are you waiting for? 

Plan your Amsterdam city tour by following this checklist and we ensure that you are going to have a gala time.

#1 Light Gazing at Electric Ladyland

There are loads of amusements in the city, making it one of the best options among the tourists. Electric Ladyland is one of the special attractions and you can explore this museum of fluorescent art by planning a trip. Nick Padalino, the owner of this museum, dedicates it to the psychedelic art forms.

#2 Vintage Exploration at Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

if you are an admirer of the vintages, the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat makes a perfect option. It is nothing but an Amsterdam street lined with the well-decorated vintage shops. 

No doubt, it makes one of the coolest activities in your Amsterdam trip. You must include it on your next Amsterdam city tour.

#3 Traditional Dutch Drinking at Kopstootje

As they say, traditional Dutch drinking starts with a glass of genever and this is the place where you will find a suitable ambiance. 

Taking down shots and beer will be more exciting when you are inside this alcohol bar dedicated to traditional Dutch drinking.

#4 Relishing Delectable Patatje Oorlog

To enrich your taste palates, all you need is this amazing Dutch preparation famous in all over the Netherlands. 

The meaning of Patatje Oorlog is war fries and it tastes wonderful, as the locals say. You can search online for the eateries that serve this traditional Dutch preparation.

#5 Fun Time at Coffee Shops

A trip to Amsterdam is incomplete without smoking the local stuff. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are the places for it. 

In Amsterdam, if you feel like relishing a cup of coffee and other beverages, you need to head to a café. Otherwise, the coffee shops are the bars where you will get legal drugs. So, don’t confuse and have a comfortable trip.

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