4 Amazing Things to See in Kinderdijk Windmills Tour Netherland

If you are planning to make an organized Kinderdijk windmills tour, this article is sure to motivate you further by informing you about the various things to see and explore while you are on this wonderful trip.

Be it with family, friends or fiancé, the Kinderdijk tour has in store something magical that you will cherish for lifelong.

Once you board at Amsterdam, you can choose your rout among multiple options such as train, bus, car or boat.
Also, you can book the tickets beforehand from the reliable tour planning agencies in Holland to stay absolutely relaxed.

Now, let us see what the best attractions are awaiting you in the Kinderdijk windmills tour.

#1 Rich Heritage

Located 15 miles east of Rotterdam in South Holland, Kinderdijk makes a popular touring spot for the most attractive landscape it preserves.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage since 1997, Kinderdijk always welcomes the visitors from all over the world to experience a mesmerizing view of the nineteen gigantic windmills in the Alblasserwaard polder.

These monumental windmills were created by the inhabitants in the 1600s to protect the area from the heavy flood that affected their livelihood since the 13th century.

Today, the Kinderdijk windmills boast a rich historical background and lovely fairy tales associated with them.

#2 Things to Explore

The best attraction of Kinderdijk is the monumental seventeenth-century windmills that are open for visiting throughout the year on specific timings.

Depending upon the time of your Kinderdijk windmills tour, you can explore both the seasonal and tidal variations of the river.

Nowadays, some of the windmills are used while the main waterworks are provided by two diesel pumping stations that you will find near one of the entrances of the site.

Check out the intricacy of the age-old wooden machines and the real millers that keep your feet dry.

#3 Adventure & Food

Adventure is in the air at Kinderdijk and following the official map. Also, you can avail the 30-minute canal tour, which has special accommodation for wheelchairs on each boat.

Opting for a packaged tour will make your trip a comfortable one, by providing you multiple facilities along with some exciting offers.

Do not forget to check out the local events, concerts, festivals, and markets over there and some delectable cuisines at a cozy atmosphere.

#4 Additional Tours

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